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Mining museum in Mühlbach with show tunnel

Before the Hochkönig region became a popular summer and winter destination with endless ski slopes, wonderful hiking trails and mountain bike tours, it was one of the most important mining centers in today’s Salzburger Land. The Mühlbach Mining Museum recalls the 4,000-year history of mining in Salzburg and, with the exhibition tunnel, provides spectacular insights into changing mining techniques from the early Bronze Age to the modern age.

A piece of mining history

The people of Mühlbach and the world almost never found out about the region’s great treasure. By chance in 1827 when searching for a lost loaf of bread, a vein of copper pebbles was found that had been washed out. Two years later, the Mitterberg copper union suggested building a mine. Researchers later discovered traces of a prehistoric industrial center. A good 4,000 year old remains of cinder on more than 190 proven melting plates indicate an origin in the Bronze Age. The Mühlbacher copper was used, among other things, for the fascinating Nebra Sky Disc, which is believed to be 3,700 to 4,100 years old.

Visit the Mühlbach mining museum and gallery

The Mühlbach copper mining was once of central importance. The exhibition rooms in the former miners’ home make this tangible. Display boards illustrate the various processing and melting techniques, and various finds underline the development of the tunnels from prehistoric times to modern times. A replica of the Nebra Sky Disc should of course not be missing either. At 15 knowledge and experience stations, the exhibition tunnel takes you back to bygone days. Child-friendly systems and illustrations make the development of copper extraction from the fire-setting method in the Bronze Age to more modern mining mechanisms tangible.

The Mühlbach mining museum with the exhibition tunnel is a popular excursion destination in every season. However, warm clothing is mandatory in the tunnel, because even in summer the temperature hardly exceeds 7 to 8 ° C. Our Hotel Sonnhof is only a few minutes by car or a 45-minute walk from the museum with the exhibition tunnels. Have you already requested a non-binding holiday offer?

Copyright photo: Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH

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